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Nathan & Tugce at Foxtail Barns

When I arrived at Foxtail Barns in Stoke-On-Trent I was greeted by beautiful frost covered grounds. This was soon melted away by the fresh February sun. The conservatory where Nathan & Tugce would say their vows was bathed in sunlight. It felt like a spring day rather than a winter one, but such is the British weather. Nathan & Tugce's main stipulation for their wedding was that it would be relaxed and informal - and it certainly was! All of the usual rules and traditions were cast aside in favour of enjoying each other as much as possible. Nathan's parents made and set up the gorgeous three tier cake, and Nathan and Tugce came out to see it on the morning. She'd said beforehand that Nathan's opinion was the one she cared about the most, so when she got into her dress he came to see her for a first look before the ceremony. They then greeted their guests and mingled for a while before they were all seated in the conservatory. Nathan walked his bride down the aisle himself. They said their vows in the glorious winter sun. And then it was into the grounds for a few fun and relaxed photos. As the day drew to a close I felt like I had spent it with friends and family instead of working. It just goes to show that you don't always have to follow traditions. Your wedding day is yours to enjoy.

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